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Change the Way You Chore

Productivity is a tricky thing. Often we fool ourselves into thinking that we are being productive by simply being busy. Productivity is without a doubt a mindset. It's something that, in order to do, we must think in a way that values our time and prioritize our tasks. 

The other day my brother and I headed out to the barn to rinse, exercise and evaluate a few of his show lambs. I knew exactly what we needed to do to carry out the simple, but incredibly time consuming tasks. After a couple of hours in the barn, the sheep had been rinsed, exercised, dried, wrapped and back in their pen with all of the gates locked. 

I know that this may sound like a pretty lame story and truth be told that wasn’t just the most thrilling adventure of my life, but if you know anything about doing chores you know that efficiency is everything. My brother and I were able to take care of business that day because of three things.

  1. We started.
  2. We were informed of the chores at hand.
  3. We prioritize our time (we wanted to get done). 

Walt Disney said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Having the urge to get started is the key to getting things done. What my brother and I did that led to the astonishment of my parents, and quite possibly the fastest set of chores that I had ever been a part of, was that we kept moving. We didn't wait for someone else to do anything and we were ready to expedite work as necessary. Something that is oftentimes overlooked is: the completion of your success process, whatever it may be, is just as important as the creation of it. Meaning that your ability to execute is just as valuable as your intelligence. Never forget the importance of a doer!

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