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How to Place Better at Your Next Show

Every showman’s goal is to place better at their next show. Placing high,  earning titles, banners, and buckles is what drives so many of us to continue competing in livestock shows.

Certainly not any one area of improvement gives you guaranteed success, but the more effort you put into your program, the more likely you are to see positive results and find yourself a spot at the backdrop!

Show lamb backdrop.

Exercise is an important factor to animal health and can help livestock to reach their genetic potential. It is important that animals are penned in areas that give them enough room to move around comfortably.

Animals that are cooped up in a small area for long periods of time tend to lose muscle mass and get stiffer in their joints. Alternatively, animals that are on a good exercise program build up more muscle, add muscle tone, and regulate fat content.

Different species have different exercise needs. For lambs and goats, using a treadmill, walker, or sprinting track are all great ways to build and tone muscle. Be cautious not to cause injury by overworking them.

Cattle can be released into a larger holding area or pasture where they have the space and freedom to walk and run at their will. For hogs, it is important to walk them regularly.

Not only is this good showmanship practice, but walking them helps to keep their joints working properly. With these exercise methods, it is very important to closely monitor the animal’s safety.

Showmen can use exercise as a tool for more success in the show ring!

An animal's diet is one of the key factors to your success in the showring. It is important to find a good feed ration and learn how to use it.

Show feeds are usually the best option for a feed that is specifically formulated for show livestock. Supplements are also a good option to control the amount of muscle and fat your animal has.

There is a market full of supplements that will change animals in specific ways such as adding fat, burning fat, hardening muscle, etc.  Learning how to feed show animals with a combination of a show feed ration and supplements can significantly increase your chance of winning.

When it comes to feeding, the goal is to unlock the genetic potential of your animal. Feeding a consistent show feed with added supplements can help you hang your next banner! 

Also, it is important to make sure your animal is healthy and that their environment is clean and safe. If your animals are not healthy, you might have to miss out on a show!

A common issue in all species of livestock is contracting Ringworm or other harmful funguses. To prevent Ringworm or other funguses from harming your animals, you can use FlexTran’s Ring Out!

In addition, you can use ProH to disinfect large areas such as cooler Rooms, barns, stalls, and trailers. Further, you can use SciZyme to control harmful odors and ammonia. 

FlexTran products

Every showman strives to help their animal perform to the best of its ability. Adding routine exercise to your program can be a great way to give your livestock more muscle shape and definition while also burning fat.

Learning about show feeds/supplements and how to use them can take you to the next level. It is important to prioritize animal health. If your animal is not healthy then not even feeding or exercise can make you place higher.

If you want to do these things better ask an expert. You will be surprised by the amount of show industry professionals who are willing to help you learn! I hope this information helps you place better at your next show!

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