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Ideal Market Lamb Traits - What Is The Judge Looking For?

Ideal Market Lamb 

  • Weighs approximately 110 to 120 lbs
  • Fat covering - be able to detect lamb's backbone with light finger-tip pressure.  Ideally looking for .10 to .20 inches of back fat
  • Firm, hard finish 
  • Abundance of muscling in hind saddle
  • Heavy muscled leg and loin
  • Adequate size and scale
  • Bigger, longer, heavy boned

Steps to Judging 

  • Begin from the ground and work up
  • Rear to front
  • Rank based on traits of importance they possess
  • Put greatest emphasis on most valuable traits
  • Eliminate easy placings
  • Rank remainder on bases of volume of important traits

Ranking of Traits

  • Degree of muscling
  • Degree of finish
  • Balance and style
  • Frame size
  • Soundness and structural correctness

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