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Keys to Showmanship

Showmanship is easily the most important quality for success in the show ring.  Knowing your animal, its strengths and weaknesses are paramount to being a successful showman.  Knowing how to highlight your animals strengths can put you to the front of the class.  Great showman skills come easily to some but with hard work and determination the development of these skills are within everyone's reach.

Time must be spent with your animals(s) at home, months before the show.  Spend this time learning your animals strengths and weaknesses, properly training them to lead, setup and brace.  This time is when you become a team...  You each have a job to do and you need to know each other frontwards and backwards.

Showmanship should be fun and exciting!  This is your opportunity to do everything possible to make your animal look it's very best.

A great showman will be aware of everything going on around them.  They must maintain awareness of themselves, the animal, the judge, ring stewards, other showmen, other animals, as well as everything going on in and outside of the ring.  Watching for potential problems by keeping aware will set you and your animal a part from the rest of the class.  Being on top of your game, every time you enter the ring will allow all of the pieces to fall right into place!


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