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Ringworm In Cattle

Ringworm is one of the most common skin diseases in cattle. It is not caused by a worm but rather a fungi called Trichophyton verrucosum. They infect the hair follicles and surface of the skin. Exudates ooze from the damaged skin and mix with debris from skin and hair forming a crusty scab. Spores from the scab and hair fall off which can then contaminate other animals and people.

 The timing of being infected by ringworm on show cattle or any kind of show animal can be very detrimental. Because ringworm is a transmissible infectious disease, animals with lesions are barred from exhibitions or shows by regulations of the State Board of Animal Health. If you know your animal has ringworm it is usually best to quarantine it at home to keep it from passing the ringworm to other animals or even people. If you see another animal that has ringworm at a show it is best to stay clear of it and speak to your teacher or parent about how to communicate with the owner of the animal. Some people don’t understand how contagious ringworm can be and how it can impact others around them.

Symptoms of ringworm include:

  • Loss of hair around the area
  • Itchy skin
  • Grey-white areas of skin with an ash like surface
  • Usually circular in outline and slightly raised
  • Size of lesions can become very extensive
  • In calves most commonly found around the eyes, on ears and on the back. In adult cattle it is often found on the chest and legs

If your animals have any of these symptoms seek out help immediately. No one wants an outbreak of ringworm! Ringworm will usually heal on its own but may take up to nine months which could impact your show season and the thousands of dollars you have invested in your animal!

Prevention is the best treatment. Spraying and wash your animal with Ring Out regularly is a great way to clean and eliminate the outbreak of ringworm. When you see any type of skin blemish start spraying Ring Out on the area twice a day if possible until the spot goes away. Don’t wait and see if it gets worse before spraying Ring Out.

Treatment and curing ringworm can be difficult. Quarantine your animal right away and clean your barn by spraying areas with Ring Out or ProH that your animal has contacted. If possible, shampoo the animals completely with Ring Out shampoo and then start spraying the infected skin area twice daily. Usually the area will start clearing up in 7-10 days. Consistency and patience is key but if the area worsens you may want to consult with your local veterinarian.

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