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Rules for Showmanship

So you've decided to enter the showmanship class at the big event coming up!  How do you prepare? We've put together a few rules that can help you get a step ahead of the competition.

Rule #1 - KNOW YOUR ANIMAL!  Know them inside and out, literally.  Know how to handle them well, hold them securely, pose them correctly.  Know their anatomy, their class and how they compare to the breed's standards.  Know your animals strengths and also their faults.

Rule #2 - KEEP TALKING!  When the judge asks you a question, don't give a one word answer.  Share everything you can think of that you know about the topic.  EVERYTHING.  Judges like to see that you have a wide base of knowledge about your breed.

Rule #3 - BE PROFESSIONAL!  Judges like to see neat, respectful exhibitors.  Your conduct during the entire show, in and out of the ring is noticed.  Speak clearly, be relaxed and make eye contact.  Dress appropriately and be sure to thank the judge when you are done.

Rule #4 - KEEP LEARNING!  This isn't a test to cram for.  It's an opportunity to gradually become an expert in all things related to your animal.  Judges like to ask at least one random question, brush up on your general sheep, goat, swine, or cattle trivia and be prepared.

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