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Show Kid Personalities

What Type of Show Kid Are You?

Show kids are absolutely the Best of the Best!  But, there are several “types” of Show Kids.  Which one are you?


Joseph:  In it to see his show friends, play around and have fun.  Would much rather be support than actually show.


Samantha:  Dreams of being a professional fitter someday.  You can find her busy in the barn helping everyone get ready.


Mark:  Will win Champion Showman at Nationals someday, probably more than once.  He is the go-to person that everyone asks to help them if they have multiple animals in a class.


Chloe:  Super nice and friendly, but other kids don’t talk to her much because she wins a lot and sticks to her stalls working.


Justin:  The prankster.  Mom and dad are always looking for him when it gets close to his show time.  He’s usually found playing a joke on his friends or the occasional unsuspecting spectator.


Katie:  The social butterfly.  She coordinates matching outfits with her show bestie.  Always smiling and makes fast and forever friends with everyone she meets.


Anna:  A quiet sweetheart who can handle any job with her livestock and focuses on her stock 24/7.


Brock:  Is only 13 but acts like a seasoned 30 year old stock man.  Handles every aspect of the show by himself.  Takes the everyday herd management very seriously.


Do you resonate with any of these?  How would you describe your show personality?

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