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The Return To Showing

Showing livestock is a passion of many youth in the livestock industry.  These young men and women spend their days in preparation for show day by feeding, grooming and training their livestock to be prepared and offer the best package they can offer at a show.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced many county, state, and national livestock shows to cancel or postpone their shows.  These showmen are some of the most determined, focused and detail oriented people in our industry and that will never change.

As a community of showmen, show parents, and club advisors we need to use this meticulous attention to detail to benefit our showmen to keep ourselves and those around us safe.  

The health and safety of the people around us and the livestock we work with are of the utmost priority.  On show day we see many old friends and have the opportunity to meet new people and create friendships and business partners for the years to come.

As a precaution, please social distance and try to maintain a six foot distance from those not in your immediate family or group you may have traveled with.

Make sure you are washing your hands frequently and avoid close contact with people who may be sick. 

Additionally, masks may not be required but are a useful tool to have.  Wearing a mask is more about protecting and caring for those around you than actually protecting yourself, but they do offer a layer of protection for you from this virus and from the natural allergens in the barn. 

As always, treat people with respect and understand that others may have underlying health conditions which may require them to maintain a greater distance from others despite wearing a mask.

 If any of your shows have been canceled, keep up the hard work with your animals as there may be other Jackpot shows you can attend or a show might just pop up.

The Flextran team is asking you to stay safe and have a successful show season for the upcoming months.

We will get through this and if you can think of this as a positive or learning experience for yourself then you will come out of this stronger and more prepared than the next person. 

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