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Things to Consider Prior to Buying Your Show Lamb

Four main considerations before you visit a farm to pick out your project lamb.

Breeder Reputation – are they honest and trustworthy?  Will they sell you a healthy lamb at a fair price? 

Lamb Size – Most market lambs will finish at 105-130 pounds and they typically gain between .5 and .75 pounds per day.  You will need to know when you need your lamb to reach that sweet spot of 105-130 pounds.  It's important to take into consideration the size and skeletal frame of the lambs that you are considering to make sure that they will fit within your show schedule.

Sex of the Lamb – Breeding stock will typically be more expensive that wether lambs.  If you do not have plans to keep and breed your lamb, selecting a market lamb will usually be the least expensive choice.

Age of the Lamb – Lambs will need to be at least two months of age at show time.  Even if you got a large framed, fast growing lamb you need to make sure that they meet that criteria.


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