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Training for Show

Tips On Training:
Time:  Spend time with your animal—clean their pen, provide them with feed and water, and they will quickly learn you are “OK” and they will become your friend. I believe in “training” an animal, not “breaking” an animal. Therefore, you must start preparing for the show months before the actual date. Gain it's trust, and you will be rewarded with friendship and success. There is no “Quick-Fix” for hard work and time when training an animal.
Halter Training: Halter training is a great way to train your animal to handling, while gaining valuable exercise needed to develop muscle definition. Each time you handle your animal, handle their legs and practice leading with your hand. They will quickly become accustomed to you handling it, and the training of your animal for showmanship will be easier.
Practice Showing: Practice showing with someone acting as the judge, remembering to keep the animals head held high, back straight, and feet positioned correctly. The animal will quickly learn its job and what you expect of it. Reward your animal when it performs as expected and then return it to its pen. Do not overwork, which will create bad habits and fatigue for you both.

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