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What Equipment Do You Need to Feed and Exhibit Your Lamb

Essential Equipment

 • stiff brush to clean water troughs;
• shovel to clean pens;
• trimming table that measures 45 inches long, 20 inches wide and 18 inches tall;
• electric clippers;
• 20- and 23-tooth combs with cutters;
• one small wool card or poodle comb;
• syringes and needles;
• lamb blankets and/or socks;
• rope halters;
• hoof trimmers;
• hand shears;
• bolus gun for giving medication;
• back-pack drench gun;
• small portable feed troughs.

Additional Equipment For Shows

• hair head for electric clippers;
• show box to hold equipment;
• hot air blower or dryer;
• portable livestock scales;
• electric water heater;
• electric sharpener or grinder for combs and cutters;
• extension cords;
• muzzles;
• electric fans

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